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Our Values

Commitment to Excellence

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About our products...

As lovers of great taste, we developed La Maison Vendôme as a healthier Dessert solution without avoiding the pleasure of the gelato/sorbet or dessert experience. 


We are particularily careful with the selection of our ingredients.

Our goal is to make products that are actually healthy, delicious and full of good vibes!

100% Natural

Never made with artificial flavours or colors.

We use only Premium and Natural ingredients; 

Our stabiliser is 100% Natural and Certified.

All natural flavours from the fruits and vegetables are preserved during the process. 

It takes a little more time, but the result is a fresh, nutritious and tasty gelato.

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Low in fat

Gelato has less fat and contains 50% less air than regular ice cream.

Why would you sacrifice gelato for your #bodygoals?

Exactly, you don't have to! 

Each pint of 400ml contains only less than 28% of sugar; 



Together, let's do good with good

We know the power of our ecosystem at Vendôme. By teaching and empowering our customers to have use responsible practices, such as sourcing local, sustainable ingredients, we will be able to move the lines of gastronomy with them!

Green Vendôme

Recycling with us!

Because small changes in behavior can have a big impact on our planet:

Book a contactless pickup and get rewarded for recycling without leaving your home!

We’ll collect your pints, every 10 empty Vendome's pints get one flavour free!




We innovate for you

We have developed different and innovative products to give greater value to our customers

We innovate daily, looking for the perfect formula.


We continually strive to create new products that are on trend and that appeal to our clients's progressive needs.

This leading edge pursuit allows us to generate growth and customer loyalty.


Macarons roses

It’s the spark that sets us apart

We are energized by the creativity, inspiration and dedication we witness in our customers and in each other. We strive to infuse that passion into ALL THAT WE DO, from working as teams to give our customers our best;

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